Best Electric Hot Plate for the Money 2016

These are the best electric hot plates for the money this year. Some people put a lot of emphasis on the way their foods tastes. If you’re also the same, then you’ll need to consider getting the best electric hot plate.

The fact is that not many people have the time in order to research on which model will be the best for their needs.

You don’t need to worry, because we’ll review the top 3 models in the following paragraphs. Let’s see what’s cooking!

Waring Portable Burner

Waring Portable Burner Electric Hot Plate

Regardless if you’re going to use this hot plate for light duties in the kitchen or you will use it as an extra cooking surface, you will find that the Waring Portable Burner can do wonders.

With adjustable heat control and 1300 watts of power, you will find that cooking your favorite food can be extremely easy and fast.

Even better, because it features a brushed stainless steel housing and cast iron burner plates, it will perfectly fit into your kitchen, while also ensuring long lasting durability.

And to offer you great peace of mind, this electric hot plate comes with 1 year limited warranty.

People who have used this product said they were impressed of the fact that this plate stays hot for even frying and cooking.

Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range

Cadco PCR-1S Professional Electric Hot Plate

The Cadco PCR-1S operates at 120 volts and because it features 1500 watts of power, you can be sure that your foods will be cooked very fast and taste heavenly.

Even more, if you want to keep your food boiling or simmering, you can do that thanks to the infinite heat control feature.

Compared to other similar hot plates out there, the Cadco can handle up to twelve quart pots and it also delivers heat evenly to pans or pots, for excellent cooking results.

Individuals that used the Cadco electric hot plate were impressed with how fast their food was cooked.

Hamilton Beach 34101 5th Burner Table Top Burner

Hamilton Beach 34101 Hot Plate

The Hamilton Beach electric hot plate puts more accent on simplicity and functionality, rather than bells and whistles other manufacturers consider implementing in their products.

The great news about it is that it’s quite great at what it does, so you will easily be able to cook your favorite foods in this small and portable 2.6 pounds unit.

Featuring a chrome drip pan and adjustable temperature, you’re always in control of how fast or how slow your food is cooking. Even better, it comes with wipes which are very useful for wiping it after each usage.

Those who have used the Hamilton Beach were surprised of how such a simple electric hot plate can help them with cooking the most delicious meals they’ve ever had.

Waring vs Cadco vs Hamilton Beach Hot Plates

Any of these models can be called the best electric hot plate, however, they will definitely be called as such by people with different needs.

For instance, the Waring Portable Burner is a great choice for those who are interested in even cooking.

Next, the Cadco will appeal to those who are interested in electric pans that deliver a lot of power for fast and efficient cooking.

Lastly, the Hamilton Beach is a great choice for those who want a simple product that just gets the job done.

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